Shadow Defender

Shadow Defender 1.1

Shadow Defender offers a safe and secure virtual mode for Windows users
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Shadow Defender is a powerful and innovative software for Windows. This program provides us with the most useful solution in the area of security and protection. It is equipped with the latest technology to make it possible to work in the computer in a virtual world. This virtual mode allows us to perform a task, as if we are in real mode, but all the new files, downloaded content, change of configuration and so on will only exist in the virtual world. While working on a virtual mode we are protected from external attacks, threats, menaces, intruders, viruses, and all the risk we are exposed to in the real world. All we have to do before switching from the virtual to the real mode is saving the items, task, file, folders, etc., we are interested in. However, if we need to pass unnoticed just abandon the virtual mode and no change will be saved. The user- friendly interface shows five main buttons for System Status, Mode Setting, Exclusion List, Commit Now, and Administration. Shadow Defender is delivered on a shareware basis. We can download the evaluation version which is available from the developer's website. We are allowed to try it for a whole month. Shadow Defender runs under Microsoft Windows Vista, XP Professional, XP Home, and 2000 Professional operating systems.

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  • Being away of attacks in such an innovative way deserves a try and there is a free downloadable evaluation version to do so


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